Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coldplay's New CD

Wednesday, June 23Rd, 3:30 P.M.

Mood: Alert, Interested

Music: VCR , by The XX

I heard that Coldplay has a new CD coming out soon.

I can't wait to hear it, after the roaring success of "Viva la Vida: or Death and All his Friends" I am truly excited.

I can't wait to hear what new sound these brilliant musicians have come up with now.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alone in the Dark, a Poem

Wednesday, June 16Th, 3:13 P.M.
Mood: Gloomy, Rested
Music: Sinkin' Soon, by Norah Jones

Alone in the Dark, A Poem
by: The Raven King


Do not leave me in the dark,
for I am so afraid.

The grinning skulls with their empty eyes,
stare blankly into mine.

And all around the spirits stir,
and gently sigh my name.

They blew out the lamps,
and said good all,
and left me here in the dark.


In the damp I sit.


'Til morning comes.


'Til end of time, for that is what I am.




I cry from the depths of this cell that holds me.

In the blackness I clutch my heart, and weep.

Weep for all that is gone.

All that is lost.

All that I will never see again.

The warmth of the sun.

The smell of the new fallen rain upon the bare earth.

The sight of lightning illuminating the sky.

The sound of the trees as the wind tosses them to and fro.

All this I have lost.

All there is now is darkness.

And I.



But am I?

For I can hear the spirits.

The souls of those who have passed before me.

And when I hear this I smile.

Though I may be alone in the dark.

For I know that when I join them, I can rejoice in their company.

But for now I am lost.




And will be until the day,

I leave this mortal toil.

And ascend into light.

"Til then I am here.


Monday, June 14, 2010

My Art

Monday, June 14Th, 6:08 P.M.
Mood: Tired, Pleased
Music: Sunrise, by Coldplay

For the past few days I have not been blogging, I have been drawing.
I seem to have found a new occupation of my time, pencil sketching.
Here, see what you think.
This is me...

I refer to him as "the conductor"

That is all for now. Over the next few days I will be posting more of my art, so stay posted...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pondering the Skull

Friday, June 4Th, 7:17 P.M.
Mood: Much Better, Contemplative
Music: Beautiful Day, by U2

The ancients often contemplated the skull and all of it's meanings. As early as the fourteenth century we see examples of monks collecting skulls and, believing them to be the home of the soul, collected hundreds of them and built them into walls, chandeliers, and even furniture.

The skull is a really fascinating thing to me, as it holds so much significance for so many cultures. It carries not only symbols of death for some cultures, but symbols of victory, rebirth, or the ascension into the afterlife.

The skull is a symbol of death, and as prince hamlet so eloquently put it, "Poor Yorik, alas, I knew him well." But why has it become associated with death? Perhaps it is the first thing that we, as humans see in a skeleton of a poor dead soul. Perhaps we are looking for a face, and seeing the cold dead eye sockets of a skull are put off by their cold and unemotional gaze. Perhaps.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where am I? A Poem.

Thursday, June 3Rd, 8:52 A.M.
Mood: Poetic, Still Slightly Sick
Music: The Mall and Misery, by The Broken Bells

Where am I? A Poem.
by :The Raven King

Where am I?

Would you happen to know?

I look all about me, through the rain.

Through the driving snow.

Through the crowds of people that come and go.

Never looking up from the cobblestone streets as they hurry
to the various appointments that their meager lives demand.

Why do they hurry so?

Why do they toil?

Don't they know that she is dead?

That I am alone?

That is why I ask, my friend.

Where am I?

For I seem to have lost myself, along with my way.

Please, don't forget yourself.

This is the only advice I can give you, oh fellow traveler.

For the road that this life has become is full of twists and turns,

of embankments, thieves, and chasms.

So go, go carefully.

And never forget to dream.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SteamPunk Alphabet, An Apology, and an Excuse

Tuesday, June 1St, 10:06 A.M.
Mood: Slightly Sick (A Cold)
Music: Panic, Shear Bloody Panic, by Hans Zimmer

I have not posted in nearly three weeks. As you have probably guessed by now there where a few possible explanations for this. For example, I could have been incredibly negligent, I could have gone missing, my computer could have broken, or I could have died. Fortunately enough it was none of the above. I was on a cryptozoologic expedition to the coast. I was hoping to be lucky enough to have spotted the serpent that supposedly inhabits the bay of the area I visited, but I had no such luck. It was a wonderful respite from the stressful routines of everyday life, though. Most of the days I was there it rained, so I was able to walk along the beach in the fog, spotting scope in hand, in hopes of spotting the mysterious cryptid. I was then able to go into town to relax in the evening, sampling the cuisine of the local restaurants before retiring to my beach house. All in all, a successful exploit.

Apologies aside, that bring us up to today's post.

The SteamPunk Alphabet. By: The Raven King

A- Airship
B- Bolt
C- Chains
D- Dreadnought
E- Elements
F- Fire
G- Gears
H- Helium
I- Ingenious
J- Jacket
K- Kaleidoscope (Eye Piece)
L- Light Bulbs
M- Master Switch
N- Navigator
O- Operation
P- Patachute
Q- Questions
R- Rotors
S- Steam
T- Technology
U- Uranium
V- Victorian
W- Weld
X- Xray
Z- Zirconium

That's it for today. Don't worry though, I'm not about to leave on another trip anytime soon.